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What My Career Taught Me So far

Mehrad Sadeghi • September 20, 2018

All of us learned various lessons in our life-career paths. Some of them are hard, some are enjoyable, and some are crazy. I want to share what I’ve learned so far in these past years.


1. Workplace

Care about the workplace you choose. If you are a programmer, you’ll need a quiet place to work. If you’re an artist or graphic designer, you’ll need an inspiring workplace and so on. Not paying attention to this matter will destroy your quality over time and someday you’ll find yourself exhausted, clatter with no focus and progression in your career.

2. Projects

Pay attention to the projects you or the company you’re working for are doing. If you’re a junior in your field, almost every project is absorbing for you. But if you’re not a junior, not paying attention to projects may make your job boring for you.


3. Your Boss

Your boss is the one who chose you, so you should respect him/her. The thing is that it’s better not to get too close to your boss. It’s going to get complicated. Soon or later you’ll find out your boss’s expectations do not match your job description and the only one who suffers is going to be you.


4. Your Desires

If you’re in a relationship and you’re suffering from something that is not the way you want, share the issue with your partner. If you’re an employee and you need something from your boss or company, you should say so. If you tell your requests, you will surely be more satisfied with your job and life.

5. Fancy Positions

If you are a junior software developer and someone offers you a senior job title, do not get overwhelmed. You should know each position in your field has its own prerequisites and requirements. If you’re not experienced enough, do not jump to the 100th step from the 1st one. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have progress in your career, It just means that you should have a logical plan and be patient. When the right time comes, you’ll get your promotion.


7. Rights

If you feel that you have any rights in any matter, you should pursue them and get them. Do not let anyone offend your rights. It can be the financial or other types of rights.

8. Normal Life

Young workforces often work more than what they should. It’s very absorbing for young people to work most of the time and spend all their energy on work. It’s not a bad idea if it doesn’t affect badly on your normal life.

It means if you work so hard that you can’t have a relationship, can’t do any exercise or even have some rest, you’ll have physical or mental problems and it’s not a normal life. Choose a normal path for your life and enjoy every moment of it.


9. Being Spontaneous

It’s not a bad thing if you’re an employee. When your life turns to a repetitive loop of days is a bad thing. Do more spontaneous things in your life. If you like to learn a new skill or you have a dream, pursue it. Being spontaneous makes your life more interesting and enjoyable. It’s never too late, so go for it.

10. New Situations

Change is always scary but is the best way to grow. If you face new opportunities in your life, do not miss them. Dive yourself into them. I know it’s the hardest thing in the world, but trust me. You’ll see the growth in yourself and your life over time.

11. Standing up

It’s important to stand for what you believe you deserve. Do not give up if someone does not give you enough credit. You know who you are. If you stand up for what you believe you deserve, you’ll get it.